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Crafted with Quality

Tramontina forged knives undergo a precision manufacturing process consistent with the highest standards for professional kitchen cutlery. These knives are forged from a single solid piece of premium high-carbon stainless steel for unrivaled strength and durability.

The manufacturing process starts with a bar of steel that is heated then pounded into a mold to form the basic shape of the knife. The development of a forged knife goes through multiple stages and refining steps, including the grinding and honing of the edge.

The knives are heated then dipped into an ice bath. The unique hardness of the high-carbon stainless steel is a direct result of this advanced heat and ice-hardening process which yields a long lasting cutting edge.

The heft of the full tang, combined with the bolster, features found only in professional quality knives, provide weight and rigidity for safety and superb balance.

The handle is made with a specially formulated nylon injection-molded directly onto the tang and around the preset solid stainless steel rivets, so there are no gaps, seams or crevices. This bonding system prevents food residue accumulation and the harmful bacteria that can result from it.

The design of the handle maintains the traditional style preferred by executive chefs with an ergonomic emphasis on perfect balance and a firm, comfortable grip

Features & Benefits

  • Stain-Free High-Carbon Steel
  • Full-Tang Construction - 3 Solid Rivets
  • Precision-Honed - Fine Edge
  • Taper Ground
  • Nylon Handle
  • NSF Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil

Using Your Forged Cutlery

  • Before using your new Tramontina forged cutlery the first time, hand-wash each knife with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Do not soak or leave food residue on the knives for long periods of time. Superficial pitting and/or staining on the blades may occur if very salty or acidic foods are left on the knives.
  • It is never a good idea to leave your knives in the sink. You may cut yourself reaching in and may also damage the blades by jostling them against the sink bottom.
  • To preserve the beauty and cutting performance of your Tramontina forged cutlery, we recommend washing your knives by hand and thoroughly drying them after each use. Although the knives are water-resistant and dishwasher-safe, harsh dishwasher detergents may dull the finish of the handles and stain the blades over time. Machine washing can also damage the blades by knocking them against other utensils.
  • To maintain the cutting edge of your knives, sharpen with the sharpening steel as often as needed.
  • You can use either wood or poly cutting boards with your Member’s Mark forged knives. We do not recommend glass or marble cutting surfaces, since they will damage the sharp edge quickly.
  • Also, avoid using the knives as a can opener, screwdriver or chisel. Never pry or twist the blades. Knives are cutting instruments and the blade may be damaged with improper use.


  • Always cut away from your body.
  • Never try to catch a falling knife.
  • After handling a knife, always set it down safely with the blade facing away from you.
  • Never use your knives to open boxes, or otherwise stab, pull or lift materials other than food.
  • Avoid storing knives loose in a drawer.
    A wooden counter block is ideal for organizing and safely storing your knives.


Knives are sharp. Handle carefully. Do not leave within children's reach.

Maintaining Your Edge

The sharpest knives are the safest knives because they offer you the most control. A sharp knife cuts easily with little resistance. Sharper knives also render more elegant results. They glide and chop but never shred or bruise. A dull knife will require more force, which lessens your control over the blade.

With repeated use, the cutting edge of the knife blade begins to curve out of alignment into tiny “S” shapes, diminishing the blade’s flawless function. By honing the knife edge, the sharpening steel (included within your knife set) will help you straighten out these “S” shapes.

Frequent sharpening is essential and will keep your knife cutting like new.

When using your sharpening steel, gentle pressure is all that is needed. You do not want to grind your knife. Speed is not important. It is most important to maintain the angle and to sharpen the full length of the cutting edge.

Step 1:

Hold the sharpening steel vertically, point down, resting securely on a wooden cutting board or towel. Keep the blade at a 20-degree angle when you hone. You should be able to see the contact point between the knife and the steel.

Step 2:

Start with the heel of the knife blade at the top of the steel. Pull the blade from bolster to tip, while moving down the steel. Switch sides and pull bolster to tip again. Repeat this technique 4-5 times on each side.

It is a good habit to sharpen your knives before each use.

Honing with the sharpening steel straightens the edge, however it does not grind the edge. Professional sharpening or grinding is a process of taking off the old blade edge to create a new one. On professional knives, grinding or re-edging must be done with professional equipment.

Bread Knife

Because of the unique scalloped cutting edge on your bread knife and with proper use, honing and resharpening may never be necessary.

This cutlery is warranted by TRAMONTINA to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Any piece will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same item or one of equal or better value if it is found to be defective under normal, noncommercial household use and when cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal and are not defects. This warranty does not cover lost or stolen items or defects caused by accidents, fire, or abuse or misuse of the products, including but not limited to overheating, improper cleaning with harsh cleansers or detergents, neglect, alteration, or use in commercial establishments. For repair or replacement, return defective merchandise by package delivery service or insured parcel post with a letter of explanation to the customer service department listed below.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary according to country, state or province.

Any questions regarding this warranty and/or the use and care of this product should be directed to:


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TRAMONTINA GOURMET, a collection of premium products engineered and manufactured with the finest design, materials and workmanship, outperforms similar products within the market and delivers the best quality and value to the cooking professional and enthusiast alike. Lifetime Warranty.